Asere Consulting

Since 2007 I have been directly involved with the Volkswagen world.

I specialize in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Since 2011, with the assistance of a German training agency, I have been preparing trainers for the international Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle markets located in Hannover, Germany.

Since 2019, I have been self-employed while collaborating with Volkswagen Group España Distribución.

Wide experience in development and programming of e-learning dedicated to online training of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles internationally.

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Portuguese

I Train Automotive Professionals!

References as an international trainer

Product launches in which I have participated:

  • 2011 Crafter GP in Berlin
  • 2015 TTT T6 + Caddy 4 in Hannover
  • 2016 TTT Amarok PA
  • 2016 TTT Crafter

International TTTs in which I have participated

  • TTT Multivan, Beijing, China.
  • T6 VIP presentation. Moscow, Russia
  • TTT Conversions, Puebla, Mexico
  • TTT Basic training for commercial vehicle sellers, Miami, United States
  • “Pick-up market trends” conference at Amarok Expert event, Pacheco, Argentina

¿Why Manuel Companioni and Asere Consulting?

  • From 2007, I have been in collaboration with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and I have worked closely alongside various other brand-related companies. Since 2019, I have been employed as a freelance trainer for Volkswagen Group España Distribución.

¿Want to be an expert in commercial vehicles?